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Umar Energi vasaloppet

Umara sample package Vasaloppet

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For those of you who are thinking of going to Vasaloppet, Halvvasan or any of the seeding races, we have the perfect package. With a structured energy plan, you reach the goal of a new record time, or just have a more enjoyable journey on the road.

The package contains (Use order notes if you want special flavours):

  • 2 U Intend Apple energi shot with caffeine
  • 1 Burk U Sport 400g
  • 3 U Gel 2:1 
  • 2 U Bar energibars 40g
  • 1 U Gel screw hat
  • 1 U Recover

Ord.pris: 335kr

Intake recommendation for Vasaloppet:

  • Drink 1-2 Intendshot 45min before starting

  • Mix 400g Sport drink in a 1-2 liter liquid bottle or 2 water bottles of 750ml each (200g / bottle) and drink continuously during the race.
  • Consume U Gel between Smågan and Mångsbodarna, next between Risberg-Evertsberg, 3rd gel between Oxberg-Hökberg and the last racing gel just after Eldris
  • Barsen is consumed at the Mangngodarna and Evertsberg if you feel that hunger is creeping up or that you just want something a little more firm in your stomach
  • The recovery drink should be taken as soon as possible after the finish to speed up the recovery