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Umara U Sport 1: 0.8 contains the optimal carbohydrate formula between Maltodextrin and Fructose


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Umara U Sport 1: 0.8 contains the new carbohydrate formula of 1: 0.8 between Maltodextrin and Fruktos, which in the research has shown to be able to deliver more energy to your muscles than any other sports drink / composition, while keeping your stomach calm.

Simply an optimal combination between fast and slow carbohydrates. The recommended intake for tougher physical activity and for exercise time over 2.5 hours is 100g / hour U Sport 1: 0.8. You start consuming sports drinks from the start to deliver energy and electrolytes continuously. You can of course drink U Sport 1: 0.8 even during shorter training / competition times, but it is in the higher doses that you will really notice the difference.

U Sport 1: 0.8 Contains all important electrolytes with high bioavailability (sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium) that you lose through sweat. It also contains branched amino acids to help block mental fatigue.

NOTE: The orange flavor is without Citric Acid as many customers have requested this. It can thus be tasted slightly sweeter than FlÀder and Lemon.
Utvecklad av Biomedicinare i Sverige och tillverkad i en certifierad Informed Choice-anlÀggning. Alla dessa steg Àr kvalitetsgarantier i syfte att du som kund alltid ska vara sÀker pÄ att det du köper Àr sÀkert och av högsta kvalitet.

Samtliga ingredienser Àr godkÀnda hos EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 100% vegansk.

Tillverkad enligt HACCP / GMP

1 skopa = 50g = 45g kolhydrater
1dl = 80g = 72g kolhydrater

Maltodextrin, Fruktos, Elektrolyter (Tri-Natriumcitrat, Kaliumklorid, Natriumklorid, Tri-Kalciumcitrat, Tri-Magnesiumcitrat), BCAA (2:1:1), L-Tyrosin, Surhetsreglerare (Citronsyra), Arom.