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U Recover Protein bar Chocolate passionfruit

U Recover protein bar – Useful and good after effort. Also as a snack

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The U Recover Bar contains 30% (15g) of whey & pea complete protein for muscle building as well as 16g of carbohydrates that help replenish glycogen supplements quickly after the workout. The bar also contains 15% (7.5g) dark chocolate which is rich in flavanols and polyphenols which accelerates recovery, but above all makes it more tasty;).

U Recover Proteinbar fits perfectly after a tough workout but also works great as a good snack. 100% Gluten Free.

General geek info: The whey protein in the U Recover Bar is complete in itself and pea protein is "not needed" really, but we have chosen to supplement with pea protein to reduce the climate footprint. Pea protein has a carbon dioxide cost of only 3.7% compared to whey protein and would have been a preferred source of protein, but the protein is not complete in itself.

We have made a balance between optimal amino acid profile, taste, price and climate impact and found a golden middle ground where the protein is complete, the bar is really tasty and at the same time we have significantly reduced the climate impression compared to a bar with 100% milk / whey protein.

Developed by Biomedicinare in Sweden with the aim of ensuring that you as a customer always make sure that what you buy is safe and of the highest quality.

All ingredients are approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Made in Sweden according to HACCP / GMP

Shelf life from date of manufacture: 12 months

Whey protein, Milk protein, Pea protein, Glucose syrup, Dark chocolate (15%) ((Cocoa pulp, Sweetener (Maltitol), Cocoa butter, Emulsifier (Sunflower lecithin, E476), Arom) ((Whey Protein, Rice Flour, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)), Passion Fruit Powder (Passion Fruit Juice, Maltodextrin), Salt, Aroma.

191kcal, 16g carbohydrate, 15g protein, 7g Fat, 4g Fiber and 0.10g salt per bar.