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Active Ankle T1/T2 is one of the most popular ankle protectors on the market, made of durable plastic with an EVA layer on the ankle and lower legs. Provides a tight and comfortable fit.




Active Ankle T1/T2 is designed for any athlete who wants to protect an injured ankle or minimize the risk of ankle injury with minimal impact on range of motion and performance. Offering an exceptional level of protection in an affordable package, this brace features a quick-fit single strap that is adjustable for both low-top and high-top shoes.

Sizes small to large for men and women. Fits both right and left foot.
Sleek, less-bulky brace features feather-light, custom molded EVA padding, which hugs every contour of the ankle and is custom molded for fit and comfort
Anatomical bilateral hinge allows full foot range of motion in the ankle, which makes it suitable for minimizing the effect of sprains and strains