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Strive light 10

Strive Light 10 is the perfect runner – a lightweight and exquisite backpack with room for fluid bladder and many smart features. The excellent fit gives you free movement in all situations. The 10-liter compartment with compression straps ensures optimum pack volume and fit.

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Strive Light is the perfect running companion – a lightweight and exquisite backpack with space for a liquid bladder and many functions, such as a rear cushion with double openings. The excellent fit gives you free movement in all situations.
SILVA Strive Light is a hydration vest / backpack developed in collaboration with ultra-runners. The backpack is 30% lighter than its predecessor and is made of breathable material. Despite the low weight, the backpack has room for the most important things you need to bring with you during training and competition.

Strive is a running vest with many functions (some obvious and others more hidden). It has a large number of pockets and compartments, including a battery pocket, space for a liquid bladder, openings for fluid hose and cables, and a key hook in one of the cords. The large compartment is made of stretch material so you can bring extra clothes if needed. One of the pockets is weatherproof and suitable for eg. keys or telephone. A new feature is the rear can with double openings, which allows you to quickly and easily pack away gadgets (jacket, gloves etc.).

To make you feel extra safe during your workouts, the backpack has a bracket to attach a safety lamp to the back and one of the straps has an integrated whistle. In addition, there are reflective details both front and back to make you extra visible in the dark.

  • Back pocket with double openings
  • Ventilating 3D mesh fabric on the inside
  • 1 soft box included
  • Reflective details
  • Safety lamp holder Designed for SILVA Tyto safety lamp
  • Battery pocket in the middle of the back
  • Pockets for gel, power bars or debris
  • Weatherproof zipper pocket with key hook
  • Vertically adjustable chest straps on both sides Adjust up / down for optimal fit
  • Integrated whistle for emergencies
  • Shoulder strap for the headlamp’s battery cord / fluid hose on both sides
  • Removable and adjustable rod brackets on both sides