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Sport Citrus 2:1 (1000gr)

Easy to dring sport drink

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33-40% nicer to the stomach at the same volume compared to regular sports drinks.

  • Allows 50% higher energy intake than regular sports drinks.
  • Extremely leasy to drink, even in doses up to 120gr / hour.
  • The most effective composition in modern times according to new research.
  • A sports drink with an optimal composition of carbohydrate sources

More information
Size: 800gr, 16 dosages
Taste: Fresh Lemon

Performance up to 2h – 1 scoop in 500-1000ml per 1h. Performance over 2h – 2 scoops in 500-1000ml per 1h. In order to really maximize the effect, the intake should be checked so that 1/5 of the contents of the bottle are drank every 10 minutes or alternatively 1/4 of the bottle every 15 minutes. This assures you of maximized absorption without too much fluid rubbing in the stomach.
Content / dose (50g)

Carbohydrates – 44.5 grams, of which Maltodextrin 29.5 grams & Fructose 15 grams, BCAA (2: 1: 1) (2500mg), Salt, 1.3gr, (of which Sodium (500mg)), Potassium (80mg), Calcium (25mg) , Magnesium (7.5mg), Sodium citrate (trisodium citrate), Citric acid, Arom, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride (Salt), Calcium citrate (Tricalcium citrate), Magnesium citrate (Tri-magnesium citrate), Sunflower lecithin.