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Silva Trail Speed 4R

Silva Trail Speed 4R The Ultimate Running headlamp with rechargable battery

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Silva Trail Speed 4R an extremely lightweight, compact and very powerful headlamp. With ergonomic buckles for smooth adjustment of the headband, optimal weight distribution/battery carrying and a smart cable guide that gives you more carrying options – this is the headlamp for the dedicated runner.

• SILVA Intelligent light
Optimizes the light pattern with a unique combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light, giving you a clear view of both near and far obstacles – as well as confidence in your movement.
• SILVA Flow light
Provides seamless tuning of the light pattern. Tilting the light downwards makes the beams wider to brighten up slower activities – tilting it upwards makes the beam reach further and provide perfect vision during faster activities.
• SILVA Connection System
Enables use of any SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008 and onwards. If the cable fits, it works.
• Super-low mode (80 Lumen)
A min mode that maximizes headlamp burn time during extensive training sessions and races.
• Nimble battery pack
Lightweight battery pack (2.0 Ah) with smart Velcro attachment, battery level indicator and USB charging.
• Reserve mode
The low-battery warning is followed by automatic switching to reserve mode that ensures at least another 30 minutes of use.
• Large on/off¬ button
Easy to operate – even when wearing gloves.
• Water resistant
Both headlamp and battery meet IPX5 standard; withstands heavy rain and water from any direction.
• Smooth buckles for smooth adjustment of the headband

  • Max lumen:1200 lm
  • Min lumen:80 lm
  • Range:160 m
  • Modes:3
  • Max:3 h
  • Min:10h
  • LED:2
  • Battery:2,0Ah
  • Weight lamp:86g
  • Weight battery:85g
  • Waterresistant:IPX5
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