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A lightweight and powerful headlamp designed for everyday outdoor adventures. It has features like night vision-mode and battery level indicator. It’s your new dependable companion.

All headlamps in the Scout 3 series feature Hybrid tech-logy which means that the battery compartment is compatible with both the rechargeable Silva hybrid battery (1.15 Ah) and standard AAA batteries.

3XT is delivered with 3xAAA


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• Hybrid tech-logy

  • compatible with both rechargeable battery pack and standard AAA batteries
    • Powered by AAA sized, rechargeable Silva hybrid battery (1.15 Ah)
    • SILVA Intelligent Light, combining long reach spot light and close flood light
    • Comfortable fit – thanks to low weight and the wide anti-slip headband
    • Night vision mode; the red light mode preserves your night vision
    • Battery level indicator, informs about the remaining charge level when turned off
    • Large on/off button, easy to operate also when wearing gloves
    • Water resistant: Headlamp and battery meet IPX5 standar