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Silva Arc Jet OMC

This is the wrist compass in the Arc Jet-series. It has the Silva Jet 2.0 high performance needle with unmatched needle stability and the Spectra speed dial graphics on the capsule.


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The OMC is attached to the wrist, which means you have both hands free while orienteering. Perfect if you want to eat or drink during a race. Silva wrist compasses are appreciated by adventure racers around the world since it provides the same speed and performance as thumb compasses but enable navigation also while biking, kayaking, etc.

Spectra speed dial
Originating from the Silva Spectra System and developed to simplify your orienteering. The Spectra speed dial consists of reference markings and numbers on the capsule. You just need to memorize the number that the needle is pointing at after completing step 2 of the Silva 1-2-3 system and the sighting line will guide you in the right direction as long as the needle stays pointing at that number.

Designed like a clock, the speed dial is easy to read and memorize and enables you to move faster and more accurately while orienteering. – matter if you are an elite or leisure orienteer – the Spectra speed dial will help you stay on the right course at high speed while reducing mistakes

• Silva Jet 2.0 needle – provides world class performance in needle speed and settling time and it offers outstanding reliability and stability
• Robust material that withstands tough treatment and conditions
• Wrist attached
• Spectra speed dial graphics