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Pytho4 W BUGrip

Pytho4 BUGrip® is a shoe that works as well on and off trails. With its good comfort and fantastic grip, Pytho has also become a favourite with winter runners around the world.


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Pytho4 BUGrip is a shoe with a wide range of uses. The low drop gives good ground contact, which, combined with the fantastic grip, makes the shoe a perfect option for those who like to run in uneven terrain, while the comfort and water-repelling upper make the shoe a favourite with many recreational runners who want to run in comfort in winter.

For what: Winter running, trail running and orienteering
Why we made the shoe: The world needed a studded shoe for all kinds of surfaces. Pytho was made to cope with everything from snow and bare ice to narrow trails and pathless terrain.

  • 17 BUGrip® carbide steel studs provide optimal grip on all surfaces
  • Low drop for fantastic terrain control
  • Sustainable material and protective toe box make the shoe durable

Environmental certification:

  • Bluesign®-certified upper polyester material
  • Bluesign®-certified lining made from recycled PET and coloured using solution dye technology
  • Bluesign®-certified fabric in insock made from recycled PET