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Icebug Eide W Woolpower RB9X

Buy rubbish – get a great shoe. And it’s true. Icebug Eide offers instant comfort and is made of wool waste from Woolpower. A true sustainability jewel.


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Eide has a mono-material upper, using felted wool from Woolpower. The design is clean and minimalistic with a sneaker appeal. The felted wool is made by upcycling scrap from Woolpower’s clothing production. The wool upper only has one layer of material, minimizing the use of glue and different materials.
Thanks to the excellent natural properties of wool, Eide has natural anti-odor qualities as well as great thermo-regulating qualities – being cold when it is warm and warm when it is cold. The soft and comfortable upper together with the cushioning BUGforce EVA midsole with BLOOM® foam makes this shoe super comfortable. The perfect lifestyle shoe, combining comfort with a strong sustainability focus.

For what: Walking and lifestyle activities.
Why we made it: We wanted to create the perfect lifestyle shoe that combines comfort with a strong focus on sustainability.

  • Wool with superior comfort
  • Natural thermo-regulating qualities
  • RB9X® outsole
  • BUGforce midsole

Sustainable highlights:

  • Upper made of 50% recycled wool.
  • Insock contains BLOOM® foam and has a recycled wool lining.
  • Midsole compound made of 20% BLOOM® foam EVA.
  • 15% recycled rubber in the outsole.
  • Heel / Toe counters: Milspeed, 11 – 12% recycled fishing nets, 45 – 48% recycled polyethylene.
  • Color:Wool grey
  • Fit:Normal
  • Drop:7 mm drop
  • Cushioning:Medium
  • Weight:-g
  • Sole:Rubber
  • Upper:Wool
  • Suitable for:Walking, ordinary day
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