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Cobra 6500 X-PAND Enduropaket

LEDX Cobra 6500 X-PAND Enduropaket. With 6500 lumen the LEDX Cobra sets a new standard for headlamps. It gives more light than most cars (half and full beam together). The Cobra has 8 LEDs, a uniquely high efficiency electronic, optimal light image and low weight. Large cooling fins keep the temperature under control even at high power modes.

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LEDX, Cobra 6500 X-PAND Enduropaket
LEDX Cobra 6500 X-PAND, is probably the markets strongest headlamp, it provides more light than most car headlights (high and low beam together). Cobra has 8 LEDs, Cree XM-L 2, and an electronics with a very high efficiency. The design is unique with the electronics integrated into the lamp mount and a flat lamp housing with large cooling flanges that efficiently discharge the heat. The flat design of the mount directly below the lamp provides a well-balanced and lightweight headlamp.
The result in a lamp with an extremely wide yet very long light image, where the experience is that you are in a large bubble of light, that reach as far as you need. The wide light beam provides a restful light for your eyes and reduces glare.
Cobra collaborates with many users of our products, helping us optimize the lights for a variety of applications, such as orienteering, enduro MTB, snowmobiling, mining, tracking etc. Of these, enduro is probably the sport that places the greatest demands on the lamps.
With our various mounts the lamp can be used on almost all types of helmets, for example bicycle helmets, hardhats etc.
Strong light is not everything, the light distribution is even more important, the light should be glare-free and not have sharp limits, but still reaching far. To achieve this, we use four different lenses in Cobra, that spread the light between 13° and 79°. Together they provide a very uniform beam pattern that begins almost immediately at your feet, and gives a carpet of light several hundred meters ahead. It also spreads the light wide, even into your peripheral field of vision. This provides a restful and glare-free light, as close to daylight as you can get.
Cobra has up to 6 different power levels, from 2% – 100%, providing a battery life of up to 90 hours. At full power, it will light for 1 hour 50 minutes. On delivery, the lamp has 3 preset positions of 6%, 40% and 100%. There is also a programmable mode where the lamp lights up as soon as you connect it to a power source.
When you use the battery at the higher levels and is almost out of power, the lamp automatically switches to a low power, a spare tank that gives you light for another 60 minutes with 6% power.
Cobra 6500 comes with our Headgear Pro with a very good fit. It goes extra long down the neck, making it comfortable even with a hat underneath. The lamp mount is ergonomically designed and follows the head shape well. The straps over your head is divided in two parts and spread the weight over the whole head, this is also appreciated by people with long hair since it allows space for a ponytail or similar in the back of the neck.
The attachment point of lamp is located near the forehead and is almost directly below the balance point of the lamp-house, making the lamp’s weight go straight down from the mount and the lamp will not feel heavy. Together with the lightweight of the lamp, the lamp is very stable even when running in tough terrain. Included in bundle:

Cobra 6500 X-pand x 2

Large size battery 113 Wh / 10,5 Ah / 10,8 V x 2

Fast charger 10,8 V 2,2 A x 1

Lamp holder for helmets x 2

Protection cable 150cm x 1

Extension cable 150cm x 1

Padded case x 1

  • Max mode:1 h 50 min
  • Min mode:90 h
  • Max lumen:6500
  • Min lumen:120
  • Weight lamp:173 g
  • Weight battery:500 g
  • Battery:113 Wh / 10,5 Ah / 10,8 V x 1
  • Range:-
  • Modes:-
  • Recharge full:-
  • Water resistance:-
  • Warranty:-
  • Other:-
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