Chair backpack 1055

Large and practical 55 liter backpack. Designed to fit the orienteering.




Large and practical 55 liter backpack. Designed to fit the orienteering.

  • Coated polyester outer material.
  • 2 large external thermos pockets.
  • Large front pocket with zipper pocket insulated outside – as a cooling pocket.
  • Small zipper pocket inside the front pocket.
  • Net pocket with zipper on the pocket front pocket.
  • Outside the net pocket there is a spring with a buckle.
  • For example, a jacket can be temporarily clamped during this spring.
  • Large sack with snow lock and drawstring. "The buckle" in the lid.
  • The lid has a zipper pocket on the outside as well as on the inside
  • 4 plastic loops in the top of the lid to fasten eg sleeping bag.
  • Now there is a carabiner in the one for eg the cage.
  • Under the cover there is space to write names and addresses.
  • Curved straps with chest strap for best comfort.
  • Wide padded carrier belt with 2 zip pockets.
  • One has a hook for eg keys. Quick-release buckles.
  • Black rain cover is now in the pocket in the seat.
  • Removable black lacquered chair. Weight about 3.2 kg.
  • Now bigger seat that is padded.
  • The black chair frame now in lighter aluminum.
  • Has an extra pocket for eg small umbrella.
  • Net pocket with zipper above the front pocket.
  • Zipper pocket for valuables inside back.
  • Inside the pocket strap with carbine hook for key chain.
  • Zipper pocket for first dressing on the inside front.
  • Dirt-resistant PVC at the bottom.