New running shoe collection 2020 from Icebug at SM Sport!

Finally, we have received a new running shoe collection from Icebug for 2020 season. Icebugs 2020 offer include improved models of well known Acceleritas 8 and Spirit 8. After one year of absence Zeal 5 comes back to the market.

Icebug Acceleritas 8 RB9X with rubber spikes witch gives runners super light shoes with high comfort of running. All happens thanks to an airy and flexible upper in bluesign®-certified polyester mesh and low profile, which simulates the foot’s natural movement. Despite an super light design, Icebug Acceleritas 8 protect your feet against muddy paths and sharp stones in the ground.

Icebug Spirit 8 with a steel spikes is a great choice for both amateur and professional orienteering runners. This new model has more spacious toe box to increase comfort and help the foot follow its natural movement. Spirit 8 has extremely light wet-weight thanks to usage of sustainable materials for shoe production.

Icebug Zeal 5 which comes back after one year of absence, has a two versions: Zeal 5 RB9X with rubber spikes and Zeal 5 OLX with steel spikes. Zeal 5 is a guarantee of great grip for wet and dry paths. The shape of the Zeal 5 midsole also helps give you extra protection under foot in rugged terrain.

Zeal OLX has an excellent grip with 16 solid steel studs. Those shoes gives a perfect balance between stiffness and damping. Both versions have a special strengthening in the toe section which protects front part of the foot.

Every shoes from 2020 Icebug kollection is designed respecting the climate and what makes them special on the market is:

  • Top in bluesign®-certified polyester, made from 100% recycled PET
  • Lining in bluesign®-certified polyester, made from 100% recycled PET and dyed with solution dye technology
  • Lightweight EVA insole and 20% Bloom Foam, with bluesign® certified polyester fabric dyed with solution dye technology

Icebugs offer which is available in SM Sport is addressed to orienteering runners, trail runners, OCR and swimrun competitors.