New Mila Vega 5000

Let´s have a look at the new Mila Vega 5000

Mila Vega 5000 is a newer version of Vega II. Beside the fact that it gives additional 25% more lumens on maximum light settings, it has a new bracket in a lamp holder. The new bracket is compatibile with GoPro camera. It makes easier to move the lamp at the helmet, handlebar or another place where you have a GoPro bracket.

In addition to that, Mila Vega 5000 offers:

  • “Come home” option (when it has 3% battery light goes automatically down till 165 lumens for 2 hours, before it goes out)
  • Remote control to reprogram lamps position
  • A bag to keep the lamp in
  • Neat lamp holder
  • Li-Ion battery 14,8V 5,5Ah

You can buy Vega 5000 in a two options: “original” and “trail”. “Trail” lamp has more focused beam light and it lights ahead for 250 meters. “Original” one lights ahead for 200 meters. Orienteers used to pick the usual model, while those who move faster like enduro, MTB or hunting choose trail variant.

In addition to the more focused beam light, more brackets for bicycle and helmet are included in the trail variant and a longer extension cord so you can have the battery in a bag or on the frame.