Icebug Capra and Icebug Horizon

We have got two new shoes from Icebug: Icebug Capra and Icebug Horizon. With the first sight both shoes seems to be similar, but the truth is that Capra and Horizon differ a lot.


Icebug Capra was designed together in cooperation with Tove Alexandersson (she is the best swedish athlete 2019). The goal was to create a shoe for demanding surfaces such as skyrunning but it is also a great shoe for every kind of trail running.

Capra has advanced sole which contains 6 different layers. One of the layers is Kick Plate designed to give energy and momentum forward. It protects the arch of the foot also. At the front of the sole is a Rock Shield which protects against impact and also distributes the pressure over the forefoot.It is a great shoe for long and demanding running.

Icebug Capra M

Icebug Capra W


The pattern of the outsole is especially developed, spikes has a different sizes and shapes which helps to clean mud. Thanks to spaces between spikes, water and mud is steered to the side indiagonal channels. Spikes  setting for Capras sole was inspired by tractor tires. As Icebug tradition, RB9X material is used for sole, exactly the same as in famous models: Spirit and Zeal. RB9X guarantee great grip.

Capra has a medium dampning and has 7 mm drop.


We have decided to include Icebug Horizon in our offer, because we believe that it is a great shoe for those who run on paths and a little bit “off road”. Horizon is fully cushioned, 7 mm drop and good grip thanks to RB9X rubber.

Icebug Horizon W

Icebug Horizon M


Who should buy Horizon? It might fits to many runners: orienteering runners, who want a multitude of training shoes for runs on light trails, those who want to start with trail running or if you walk a lot in forest and land. Simply, Horizon is versatile and worth buying.