The new Bold X or Bold 10 if you like

The new VJ Bold X has been thoroughly redesigned to set a new standard for a modern orienteering shoe.

On the outsole the lug pattern and stud positioning has been optimized to create the best possible grip in all terrains.

Bold X has a soft heel technology which means a special heel counter that gives support on the sides but is soft and gentle for the achilles tendon.

On the last we have widened the toe part to allow the natural spread of the toes to give extra balance when running. The mid and heel part of the last have remained the same.

The Swiss made fabric has 17% of DuPont Kevlar® fibers to ensure durability. The fabric is also Bluesign® certified, which means that the fabric is made with responsible use of resources and with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment.

The new fitlock is made to improve the lacing system and further improve the fit. At the same time, the weight of the fitlock have been reduced.

Icebug Capra and Icebug Horizon

We have got two new shoes from Icebug: Icebug Capra and Icebug Horizon. With the first sight both shoes seems to be similar, but the truth is that Capra and Horizon differ a lot.


Icebug Capra was designed together in cooperation with Tove Alexandersson (she is the best swedish athlete 2019). The goal was to create a shoe for demanding surfaces such as skyrunning but it is also a great shoe for every kind of trail running.

Capra has advanced sole which contains 6 different layers. One of the layers is Kick Plate designed to give energy and momentum forward. It protects the arch of the foot also. At the front of the sole is a Rock Shield which protects against impact and also distributes the pressure over the forefoot.It is a great shoe for long and demanding running.

Icebug Capra M

Icebug Capra W


The pattern of the outsole is especially developed, spikes has a different sizes and shapes which helps to clean mud. Thanks to spaces between spikes, water and mud is steered to the side indiagonal channels. Spikes  setting for Capras sole was inspired by tractor tires. As Icebug tradition, RB9X material is used for sole, exactly the same as in famous models: Spirit and Zeal. RB9X guarantee great grip.

Capra has a medium dampning and has 7 mm drop.


We have decided to include Icebug Horizon in our offer, because we believe that it is a great shoe for those who run on paths and a little bit “off road”. Horizon is fully cushioned, 7 mm drop and good grip thanks to RB9X rubber.

Icebug Horizon W

Icebug Horizon M


Who should buy Horizon? It might fits to many runners: orienteering runners, who want a multitude of training shoes for runs on light trails, those who want to start with trail running or if you walk a lot in forest and land. Simply, Horizon is versatile and worth buying.


Inov-8 X-talon 255 – wide shoe for orienteering, OCR and Swimrun

New X-talon 255 replaces on the market X-talon 200. This is a wider shoe with X-talon’s patented grip of 8 mm studs. But is has a several improvements. The drainage has been improved to make swimrun easier. In addition, the grip is updated with last year’s new Sticky grip.

We weighed X-talon 255, size UK 8 at 260 g, the equivalent of X-talon 200 weighed 249 g so it is a bit heavier but considering that the puffs do not absorb water and that it feels lighter when the water comes in, we guess that the wet weight is lower than at X-talon 200. Since the 200 was not so well designed when it comes to drainage, the X-talon 255 will definately feel like a lighter shoe.

Now available! Saucony brand at SM Sport!

We have chosen to include selected models from Saucony in SM Sport offer! Sacuony has been producing  running shoes for over 100 years and they know how to do it well.

Saucony Kinvara 11

Saucony Kinvara 11 is an obvious choice for those who like running in the city. This universal shoe is great for fast trainings and competition. It is available in SM Sport in a ladies and men’s size.


Saucony Peregrine ST 10

The sturdy trail shoe for varying surfaces. We have chose ST model from Saucony Peregrine collection. This one has very durable upper and powerful studs. Available in both ladies and men’s size.

Saucony ISO Switchback

Amazing shoe which is named Switchback. It fits well to those who have a little more wider foot. It has a smart lacing system called BOA. Great grip and really nice looking shoe. Suitable for those who want a comfortable shoe with a lot of ground contact. Available in both ladies and men’s sizes.

Inov-8 Oroc 270 and Oroc 290

Inov-8 for season 2020 – the most exciting shoe premier among trail shoes with spikes. Inov-8 has released two new models of Oroc which do not remain older versions at all.  They are called Inov-8 Oroc 270 and Inov-8 Oroc 290 Ultra. We believe it becomes very popular and highly appreciated among elite and amateur orienteering runners. So there will be 4 racing shoes to choose from:  Inov-8 Oroc 270, Icebug Spirit 8, VJ Bold 10 och Nvii Forest 1. Which one will be your favourite?

Inov-8 Oroc 270
Inov-8 Oroc 290

In the new Oroc, Inov-8 has created a new type of spikes called twin-spike. It means that each rubber stud has two metal spikes and those dubble spikes comes from one piece of metal. This gives extra grip but also prevents the stud from going out.


In comparison with the old Oroc model studs are located at the edges so the grip is stronger even if you run at an angle, on the slope. Another long-awaited news regarding the studs is that studs are center placed which makes running safer on wet roots.

In addition to the brand new twin-spike sole, the material choices have been made in such a way that the shoes do not absorb so much water as previous versions of Oroc. Both versions Oroc 270 and Oroc 290 has a thin tongue for example.

The difference between Oroc 270 and Oroc 290 beside weight is that Oroc 290 has a little more damping and wider last. It is going to be super comfortable to run long distance with Oroc 290. Oroc 270 has only 3 mm drop and it makes the perfect racing shoe.

We will return shortly with weight comparison for all top models for 2020 season: Icebug Spirit 8, VJ Bold 10 och Nvii Forest 1.

New running shoe collection 2020 from Icebug at SM Sport!

Finally, we have received a new running shoe collection from Icebug for 2020 season. Icebugs 2020 offer include improved models of well known Acceleritas 8 and Spirit 8. After one year of absence Zeal 5 comes back to the market.

Icebug Acceleritas 8 RB9X with rubber spikes witch gives runners super light shoes with high comfort of running. All happens thanks to an airy and flexible upper in bluesign®-certified polyester mesh and low profile, which simulates the foot’s natural movement. Despite an super light design, Icebug Acceleritas 8 protect your feet against muddy paths and sharp stones in the ground.

Icebug Spirit 8 with a steel spikes is a great choice for both amateur and professional orienteering runners. This new model has more spacious toe box to increase comfort and help the foot follow its natural movement. Spirit 8 has extremely light wet-weight thanks to usage of sustainable materials for shoe production.

Icebug Zeal 5 which comes back after one year of absence, has a two versions: Zeal 5 RB9X with rubber spikes and Zeal 5 OLX with steel spikes. Zeal 5 is a guarantee of great grip for wet and dry paths. The shape of the Zeal 5 midsole also helps give you extra protection under foot in rugged terrain.

Zeal OLX has an excellent grip with 16 solid steel studs. Those shoes gives a perfect balance between stiffness and damping. Both versions have a special strengthening in the toe section which protects front part of the foot.

Every shoes from 2020 Icebug kollection is designed respecting the climate and what makes them special on the market is:

  • Top in bluesign®-certified polyester, made from 100% recycled PET
  • Lining in bluesign®-certified polyester, made from 100% recycled PET and dyed with solution dye technology
  • Lightweight EVA insole and 20% Bloom Foam, with bluesign® certified polyester fabric dyed with solution dye technology

Icebugs offer which is available in SM Sport is addressed to orienteering runners, trail runners, OCR and swimrun competitors.

New Mila Vega 5000

Let´s have a look at the new Mila Vega 5000

Mila Vega 5000 is a newer version of Vega II. Beside the fact that it gives additional 25% more lumens on maximum light settings, it has a new bracket in a lamp holder. The new bracket is compatibile with GoPro camera. It makes easier to move the lamp at the helmet, handlebar or another place where you have a GoPro bracket.

In addition to that, Mila Vega 5000 offers:

  • “Come home” option (when it has 3% battery light goes automatically down till 165 lumens for 2 hours, before it goes out)
  • Remote control to reprogram lamps position
  • A bag to keep the lamp in
  • Neat lamp holder
  • Li-Ion battery 14,8V 5,5Ah

You can buy Vega 5000 in a two options: “original” and “trail”. “Trail” lamp has more focused beam light and it lights ahead for 250 meters. “Original” one lights ahead for 200 meters. Orienteers used to pick the usual model, while those who move faster like enduro, MTB or hunting choose trail variant.

In addition to the more focused beam light, more brackets for bicycle and helmet are included in the trail variant and a longer extension cord so you can have the battery in a bag or on the frame.